Which Grocery Stores Have Coffee Grinders? Top 5 Best Stores

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Do you enjoy grinding your own coffee? If the answer is “yes” then this blog is right up your alley. We will discuss which grocery stores have coffee grinders and which are the best to purchase from!

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Coffee Grinders Overview

What are coffee grinders?

The preparation of coffee is an important aspect of the result. Brewing an excellent cup of coffee is the reward of several factors, among which can be included a good coffee machine for brewing but maybe more important, a coffee grinder.

A new coffee grinder can really make your morning or afternoon. You have to keep in mind that the type of machine you are looking for will depend on how much time and space you have available – some people want a bean-to-cup coffeemaker with an integrated grinder!

How important are they?

A grinder is a tool of great importance in extracting the aroma and taste from coffee beans, allowing for the brewing of delicious high-quality coffee. Most people believe that it’s not just about getting your hands on fresh ground java; you need to have something reliable enough to grind those grounds up nice and evenly before they’re brewed into an aromatic cup!

The coffee grinder is not the only tool that provides for a delicious cup of joe, but it’s important in providing the right type of bean grind.

Types of coffee grinders

As coffee drinkers’ tastes become more and more refined, the evolution of technology has challenged suppliers to up their game. This is why we have been seeing a proliferation in advanced machinery that can satisfy even the most drinker with its range of features.

There are three main types of coffee grinders:

  • Blade grinders
  • Burr grinders
  • Disc and Conical grinders

Which Grocery Stores Have Coffee Grinders?

With so many stores to choose from, you can find this handy gadget at basically any grocery store. It’s available for purchase in several different styles and sizes as well!

Always make sure to check the availability of these grinders by directly asking the salesman at the counter because some stores might have run out or don’t carry them.


I often find myself going to Walmart because it’s one of the popular stores that have many coffee grinders available. I like how they have a few different ones at varying prices and quality levels so you can try them out before purchasing one for yourself!

Walmart sells many different types of grinding devices in their stores nationwide. 


You can grind your coffee beans for free at Starbucks. The only requirement is that you have to purchase them first from Starbucks shop only, so it’s not possible to buy other brands and grind them up in-store!

One more important thing to remember is you should clearly tell the person what grind settings you want before grinding. This will help ensure a delicious cup of coffee!


You can grind newly purchased coffee beans at Costco grocery stores. The available grind settings for these coffee grinders are French press, percolator, Turkish, Fine, Cone filter, and basket filter.

The only issue with these locally installed coffee grinders is that they can be used by anyone. You can put anything you want in the grinder and it’s often unregulated or not monitored properly by staff.

Moreover, you can not use these grinders to regrind your coffee beans as it could lead to clogging.

Whole Foods

Most Whole Foods local grocery stores have a coffee grinder that is installed to be used by anyone.

Whole Foods Market has the newest and best coffee grinders around. They can make your coffee just as fine or coarse, depending on how you want it!

The only condition to grind beans here is you must purchase the coffee beans from the same store.

Trader Joe’s 

Trader Joe’s has a coffee grinder installed in their local stores and customers are able to grind beans for purchase from the store. These coffee grinders they have available at the grocery store, GrindMaster Coffee Grinders, is worth checking out too!


Can I grind my coffee beans at the grocery store?

If you don’t own a grinder, you still don’t have to submit to buying ground beans. Carguilo says to purchase the whole beans and grind them in-store. Most grocery stores and coffee distributors have a grinder for customers to use.

What grind does Starbucks use?

Universal grind is the same grind used to brew the drip coffee in Starbucks retail stores.


The best way to find a coffee grinder is at grocery stores. They are one of the cheapest and easiest ways that you can get everything for your kitchen, including equipment like grinders!

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