About Us

Who Am I?

This is Ralph Mason from Wild Boar Coffee. And before anything else, I am a super-passionate coffee drinker. Since I left my job as a barista a few years back in 2012, I’ve been sharing my expertise on coffee and buying the best coffee equipment online. That’s how Wild Boar Coffee came to life.

Where Am I?

Wild Boar Coffee started in 2019 as an average barista blog. From that moment on, it turned from being a “side-hustle” to my full-time job. I write about everything coffee-related under the sun. Where to buy the freshest coffee beans from? How to test coffee beans based on texture, aroma, and acidity? 

I know all this from scratch – all thanks to my years and years of experience as a barista. So I’ve gotten real up-close-and-personal with coffee beans and different brewing techniques. 

That’s probably why my Bunn Coffee Maker Press was so popular on the website. Have you read that one already?

Wild Boar Coffee has had over 100 thousand visitors a year. And you’ll also be amazed to know that it is one of the most trusted and authentic coffee websites in the world. This helps both of us – and how? It makes me proud as a full-time coffee blogger. And it gives you the momentum to trust my judgment when it comes to coffee. 

Your trust in my expertise will continue to grow until the last coffee capsule has disappeared.

Why Do I Test Products?

Because it builds authenticity. But also because…

  • There’s a growing interest in test reports. More and more people look forward to more options when buying something as special as a coffee maker or coffee beans. That is why in Wild Boar Coffee’s most popular articles, 8 of them are detailed test reports.
  • With the help of such articles, I am able to finance my work and this site.
  • I don’t know if you know this about me but I have such a great time testing new products!

How Do I Finance Wild Boar Coffee

As you can see, Wild Boar Coffee is 100% free of advertising. You won’t find distracting banners or pop-up ads on the site. And I want to keep it that way. 

That is why I am a part of Affiliate programs. I add commission links in my articles. If people buy from a marketplace using these links, I get a cut commission from that purchase. And you don’t have to pay a buck more! You’ll find links to Amazon and eBay. When you make a purchase, there will be no additional costs for you. With the help of these commissions, I can buy more coffee products and test all of them myself.

Here’s where things get interesting. Because I earn more through commissions, I don’t endorse one brand over another. No room for paid favoritism on this website. I wouldn’t enjoy testing new coffee products for my readers if I sold my contributions to manufacturers or let their tastes affect mine.

The only people I cooperate with are coffee roasters. And whenever I do, I never forget to mention it in my articles. You can read as many of my test product articles as you want. You won’t find any loopholes in them. All I do is write about delicious coffee brands and share them with you. 

My goal is to help you to make the best possible coffee purchase. Whether it’s a new coffee gear, bag of beans, or coffee accessories. 

In case you are don’t like what you bought via my suggestion, and you return the product, my commission gets cut as well.

What Goes Into Testing New Coffee Products?

This generally depends on the category, of course. 

My process is that I look for the newest and most promising products online. I research the brand and product information beforehand because this makes it easier to compare multiple products afterward. 

It’s all about customer experience, isn’t it? How would a particular coffee product add value to your kitchen?

Let’s say I’m testing a fully automatic coffee machine. I will jot down all the questions I could possibly come up with. Where it is used? How many cups of coffee do I need? How long does it take to make espresso with coffee beans and ground coffee? 

In answering these questions, and testing out the answers by actually using the appliance, I trust my experience. 

As a full-time coffee blogger, I test and review my coffee products in my home kitchen. You’ll find no lab coats or safety goggles in there! 

Not too long ago, I got into a debate with a marketing woman from a Swiff manufacturer of automatic coffee machines. She said that “kitchen appliances should only be tested in laboratories.” You must have guessed my side of the take! 

To be fair, self-testing kitchen appliances like an espresso maker does have some disadvantages. But the philosophy built around Wild Boar Coffee is to make things simpler and more intuitive. 

This means look at appliances from a practical and convenient point of view. And it means avoiding exaggerated marketing slogans that sell products for profit, not purpose!

This is why testing products is so important to me.

It helps me keep an open mind when recommending new products. Based on recommendations for different users, price ranges, and areas of application.

My articles are a blend of objectively-understandable criticism and my personal opinion. This means that I will compare two products based on their features. Which makes the best espresso? Which is the easiest to use of the two?

 But I will not stop myself from telling you the honest truth if I find that one of the appliances is too bulky or awful to look at!

Website History

Welcome to Wild Boar Coffee. We are located in a charming 1924 bungalow style home with historic designation and an “old world” atmosphere. The Wild Boar specializes in customer satisfaction, and offers a relaxing, peaceful setting to meet with friends, family or business associates. We also offer free Wi-Fi, meeting facilities, and catering for business or social gatherings. Our baristas make some of the best coffee drinks in town, and excel in latte art. The Wild Boar offers an eclectic menu as well as delicious home cooked meals and legendary soups. To complement your meal, you can choose from a variety of excellent wines and microbrews.

Nestled in the heart of Fort Collins, our restaurant offers a wide variety of food from Mexican to Greek, in a charming atmosphere with views of College Avenue. Enjoy dining in one of the many rooms, such as the porch, parlor, library, den, living room, study, or lower level, or just sitting down in a plush leather chair enjoying hot coffee or tea and reading a book. You can also choose to relax outside on the patio under the large elm tree. Hope to see you soon!

Wild Boar Coffee

  • 1510 South College Ave
  • Fort Collins CO, 80524