Gaggia Espresso Machine

Why Gaggia?

Gaggia is an Italian company founded in 1947 that produces espresso makers and coffee makers. Originally owned by Saeco (which was later acquired by Royal Phillips Electronics in 2009), they offer separate espresso machines and accessories for coffee.
As the story goes, Achielle Gaggia invented the first “steamless espresso machine” in 1938. Gaggia changed the game of espresso essentially, and their machines are responsible for the reputation associated with crema.

Gaggia Espresso Machine: Common Features

Gaggia has a reputation for providing high-quality espresso that has been tested over time. They also offer great customer service, as well as a one-year parts and labor warranty on all of their machines and grinders.
As a result, Gaggia can boast some pretty high-quality construction since they got their start in the commercial world. The Gaggia coffee machines produce consistently great drinks based on their performance. The company also designs and manufactures its machines in Italy.
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