Espresso Machines

Espresso Machine: What Makes It Good?

Build Materials
First of all, lower-budget espresso machines generally come with weaker build materials. They tend to be made with more plastic components than the metal ones found in higher-end items. Consequently, the life span of your machine will be significantly shorter because the parts are more likely to wear out.
Even if your machine is primarily plastic, make sure the boiler is stainless steel. The machines would still be affordable, but they would come with a longer lifespan, and they would be able to brew better espresso.
Brew Quality
A cheap espresso machine will typically lack the same level of pressurization or heating as their higher-priced counterparts because the parts are less durable. As a result, your espresso may be weaker and the flavors may be less distinct than you prefer. Despite the fact that the strength may not be ideal to drink black, it should still suffice for most mixed drinks.
Bells & Whistles
Consider the tools a machine is equipped with before you buy it. Is there a grinder built in? How about a steam wand?
Low-end machines tend to have less ergonomic and more breakable wands. Some of them may not even be listed – you probably won’t find one with many bells and whistles.
In terms of programmability and customization, lower-end machines are usually pretty basic. Most likely, you won’t have much control over the brew strength or cup size. Machines that use pods, such as Nespresso or Keurig, also fall into the “zero-to-no flexibility” category, since they severely limit the types of coffee you can use.
If you’re a beginning home barista, this is probably a relief, but as your knowledge and experience increase, it may become frustrating.
And Don’t Forget…
Instead of using pre-ground coffee, buy fresh, whole beans and grind them yourself. This can make a significant difference in the quality of the espresso.
Even if your machine seems simple, read the user manual. The can reduce user errors to extend the lifespan of your machine as well as improve the quality of your brew.
Furthermore, don’t overlook stovetop espresso makers or other brewing methods. You may find that they are more suitable to your lifestyle and tastes than typical espresso machines.

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