DeLonghi Espresso Machine

DeLonghi Coffee Machines Introduction

Founded in 1992, Delonghi initially provided high-quality appliances of all kinds, including portable heaters and air conditioners. These leaders shared a passion for Italian espresso and enjoyed a few cups together on a daily basis. Combined with a natural passion for good coffee and espresso, they eventually created Delonghi coffee machines and espresso makers, the product of their years of manufacturing high-quality appliances.

Delonghi espresso makers are held to the same high standards as all Delonghi appliances. The goal of Delonghi is to offer gourmet coffee machines that are both stylish and efficient. By taking an international approach to manufacturing Delonghi espresso makers, Delonghi can appeal to a variety of cultures and lifestyles. All of this is done to maintain commitments to their multi-cultural staff and worldwide manufacturing facilities.

Delonghi espresso machines are characterized by being compact and having a full metal finish. A majority of Delonghi coffee machines grind beans before brewing, have automatic cappuccino systems, and are bean-to-cup machines. The system allows users to brew all the popular espresso drinks at the touch of a button: espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, cafe latte, or hot milk. Most Delonghi espresso machines feature two text line displays that provide convenient controls, an extra cappuccino device for hot water or steam, and an active water filter and cup warmer.

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