How To Carry Coffee On A Bike – Amazing Cycling Tips

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If you’re a cyclist or someone who commutes via bike to work, then you need to know how to carry coffee on a bike. It’s not as hard as it sounds! There are many different ways that can help make this possible for you. In this post, we will talk about the best way to carry coffee while cycling.

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How to carry coffee on a bike?

Cycling to work with a coffee delivery is not always easy. It can be tough on the bike and it’s hard for riders to balance while carrying hot liquid in one hand, but many do so successfully every day! Today we’re going over some amazing tips to carry coffee on a bike.

Use a handlebar cup holder

This is essentially a metal ring with grippy rubber on the inside that keeps your coffee from spilling.

The convenient design of a travel mug means you can drink your beverage while stopped and even more conveniently when riding with enough room for the lid to prevent spills. It is easy to carry around as well!

Put your coffee in a bag

One of the best ways to transport your coffee is to put it in a stainless steel thermos. The safest and most convenient option would be if you placed it in your bag. This will ensure that it stays hot for hours and does not leak no matter how you are transporting it!

Use the dreamboat

This cup is a Swedish design that I’m sure we all need in our lives. It’s such an ingenious idea for coffee, of course, it would be great to have on your bike! The simple shape makes the cup so much more than just being something you drink out of and somehow manages to bring back memories from my childhood when things were simpler.

Advantages and disadvantages of carrying coffee on a bike

The advantages of carrying coffee on a bike

What better way to start the day than with a cup of coffee while you’re on your bike? This is a cool and creative idea.

Carry coffee on your bike to stay alert and energized naturally. Coffee beans are high in caffeine, which is a great boost for most!

You can access your beverage easily while stopped or, as is sometimes absolutely necessary while riding. You need only an inch of room at the top of the cup to prevent most spills. Now you don’t have to be so cautious with how much coffee you’re carrying around!

The disadvantages of carrying coffee on a bike

Besides the advantages, carrying coffee on a bike also brings us some disadvantages.

One of the disadvantages to biking with coffee is that it can get quite hot and some people have spilled their drinks when they weren’t prepared for them. If you’re not careful, the hot liquid can spill all over your clothes or worse yet…on yourself! It also makes riding less efficient because there are more things to balance when bicycling with two hands instead of one and a much smaller space for other items in which they could be carried.

Another disadvantage is that if you’re not careful with how tight or loose you tie them down to your bike, static electricity from friction could make it easier to pull one-off than keep up the momentum needed while riding which means spilling yet another drink!


Is coffee good for cycling?

A new study found cyclists benefited from a morning cup of coffee. Researchers suspect the caffeine may help but are exploring if other antioxidants help boost performance. More research needs to be done to understand the benefits of caffeine.

How do you make a cycle holder?

To build one just like it you only need a few things: wood boards, a saw, glue, clamps, and varnish. If you want you could paint the rack to make it match your home decor. If multiple bikes need to be stored, you should really consider this project that we found on singletracks.


Although it is not easy, carrying your favorite drink in between destinations can make you feel as if you have accomplished something great because the journey will be enjoyable and free of worries.

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