4 Criterias To Choose A Coffee Scale And How To Use It

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Coffee has been a favourite of multiple all around the world. The more popular coffee becomes, the more processing methods are introduced. One of the essential utensils in making a good coffee is the coffee scale. Using coffee scales enables users to reach the proper measurements for making this beloved drink. So, our article is going to show you how to choose a coffee scale with the relevant aspects discussed. Let’s explore together!

Why should we use a coffee scale?

There are several reasons why a coffee scale is important. Below are 4 main benefits when we use a coffee scale.


The first thing that a coffee scale brings us is accuracy. It is crucial to find the right ratio of ground coffee to water when it comes to making good coffee. Different coffee beans have different levels of density, so the volumetric measurements can be inaccurate compare to exact weighing. Moreover, the volume of coffee can fluctuate considerably based on the freshness and roast level, making a scale extremely helpful in creating the right ratio.

Consistency and repeatability

The scale can measure the right quantity, bringing about the desired consistency. Also, once coffee and water are weighed, it is possible to repeat this with the similar result every time.

Reducing waste

When using the grinder’s grind time function, it is usually likely to grind more coffee than you will use, leading to wasted coffee. While, on the other hand, using the scale to make coffee can reduce the whole waste since it measures the exact amount you need.


By using a scale, you can play around with different coffee brew ratios. Several coffees will have a better taste with a 1:2 ratio (for instance, 10 grams of ground coffee to 20 grams of liquid espresso) that can accentuate the subtle notes and mellow the body, while some others may get the desired body at a 1:1 ratio. If you wish to control the coffee flavour well, a scale is an indispensable item.

Different types of coffee scales to choose for coffee brewing

Clearly, there has been a rise in the number of coffee scales, which means they have become more and more diverse. As a result, it may be confusing when it comes to choosing one. In general, there are two main types: digital coffee scales and manual coffee scale.

Digital coffee scales

Digital scales are much preferred by customers. They can ensure the accuracy to within two decimal places, which is generally enough for everyday coffee, especially as grams are a really small unit of mass. Because they are digital, you don’t need to intervene in the operation much.

A digital coffee scale should be quite small. Since you will just use it for coffee, it is unnecessary to take up a lot of space. Nevertheless, you should make sure the scale has a decently sized, even, and flat surface to place your brewing utensils without tipping over. Interestingly, you can also use a coffee scale with app connectivity to assist you better.

Manual coffee scales

Manual coffee scales should be taken into account if you want to have the experience of exquisitely brewed coffee. Besides the traditional coffee evaluation protocol, it is hard to find a better way to taste your coffee and its flavour’s multitude than using a manual coffee scale.

What’s more, the manual brewing tends to be very cheap, that is a point appealing to a lot of people. This will bring you a fantastic experience since you can impact the process and achieve the desired one.

How to weigh coffee grounds without a coffee scale?

So, what can we do if there is no coffee scale? Actually, while less accurate, measuring coffee without a scale is totally possible.

First, let’s begin by adding 4 tablespoons of coffee beans to the coffee grinder. When they are all ground, take out 2 tablespoons for each cup of coffee. Then, you should add more beans until you obtain the right amount and remember how many beans tablespoons are placed in the grinder. This can enable you to replicate the same amount without having to remeasure the ratio of tablespoons of beans to tablespoons of ground coffee.

How to use a coffee scale?

For those who are the new users of coffee scales, they may feel confused with how to use the device properly. In fact, how we use the scale is subject to the brewing method, and which brewer we are likely to use.

Using a portable brewer

If you intend to utilize a brewer which you can set right on the scale, such as a Chemex or a Melita, place the brewer on the scale along with the filter and tare it. Then, add ground coffee till you achieve the desired grams of coffees, and go on and brew as usual.

Making espresso

You can tare the portafilter on the scale and start grinding coffee bluntly into the filter as usual. Also, let’s check the weight as you go. Smooth, tamp, and brew like normal.

Regular coffee maker

You need to set the filter on the scale, tare, add the wished measure of coffee, and then stick the entire filter with the coffee into the coffee maker as usual.


All things considered, it is important to get understood about coffee scales. The device helps us achieve the wished ratios of ingredients, perfecting the cup of coffee. The article has shown you the significance, the types of coffee scales and how to use them properly. From this information, you can make a good decision in choosing a coffee scale for yourself. Thank you for reading!

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