Can You Use A Tea Infuser For Coffee? – 3 Helpful Ways

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Coffee drinkers have a favorite brewing method, but tea drinkers typically use a tea infuser. But can you use a tea infuser for coffee? Yes! It may sound weird at first, but it’s easy to do. In this blog post, we will show you how to brew coffee using an infuser and share some of the benefits of doing so.

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What Is A Tea Infuser?

A tea infuser is a container that can fit inside of absorbent or porous material and has holes through which leaves or other particles like fruit are put. Loose tea goes in the piece, and when it is immersed in water, the flavors come out without being dirty by more than just the liquid.

To make the most out of the flavor, a quick steeping time is used because four minutes is enough to extract all flavors.

There are 6 common types of infusers:

  • Tea Infuser Basket: A device that typically has ears to let out hot water while steeping tea leaves.
  • Tea ball infuser: Made of mesh with tiny holes, tea balls allow for larger loose leaves to be brewed at a time. They come in different shapes and sizes including ball-like or cylindrical. Easily used with a chain handle and clip attachment to the pot containing water, they make retrieving your infused brew easy after steeping is complete.
  • Teabag infusers: Also called Clover tea bags, these paper-like mesh pouches hold leaves in the corners and are open on two sides for easy filling. Use a pot of boiling water to steep the teas until they’ve reached your desired strength then remove with tongs or by pinching them between your fingers.
  • Tea infuser: A mesh ball attached to a long spoon with a handle
  • Tea infuser egg: there are many variants, but most of them have a chain on the infuser’s stem that can be used to remove it from the container. They usually float and take up over half of the space in which they’re submerged.
  • Tea infuser tumblers: A hot tea infuser tumbler: Infusion bottles have a mesh basket that will comfortably fit in the bottle. Some insulated or even double-walled lids to retain heat and protect your hands from burning

Can You Use A Tea Infuser For Coffee

Yes, you can use a tea infuser to make coffee. The infuser holds the ground coffee and water dissolves the solubles for a full-bodied cup of coffee. Different types of tea infusers require different methods so review instructions before making your first post.

You also need to be careful not to over-fill it because if you don’t, the coffee grounds can fall into your cup.

Making Coffe With Tea Infuser Basket

A tea infuser basket is very similar to the filter baskets for coffee. The ears on the rim of the infuser basket prevent it from dipping in the vessel where you are brewing coffee, which allows the person using it to easily create a high-quality cup of coffee.

Materials: A tea infuser basket, a tablespoon, medium-coarse coffee grounds, coffee beans, a wide-mouthed mug or jar, goose-neck kettle, measuring cup.

Optional: a digital scale


  • The water and coffee should be about the same temperature. Pour the boiled water into an 8oz glass measuring pitcher (this is different than a tea infuser)
  • To extract the flavor drinker, fill the infuser basket with your desired grounds and steep into a mug of hot water.
  • When brewing coffee, add 3 tablespoons of medium-coarse grounds to the infuser basket. Give the beans a shake, and place it in your carafe.
  • Place the tea bag or coffee grounds in a cup. Use the kettle to bring water to a boil, directing it over the tea bag or coffee grounds until they are evenly wet for about 30 seconds.
  • Allow the coffee to bloom for 45-60 seconds to release excess gasses.
  • After adding the ground coffee, add the water in a slow stream for about 2-3 minutes. Stir gently with a spoon to improve the flow of water through the grounds.
  • Remove the infuser basket when all of the water has gone through and dump out ground coffee. Enjoy your flavorful cup of coffee

Making Coffe With Tea Ball Infuser

A tea infuser ball, a tea infuser spoon, and a tea infuser egg all submerge in the water. However, most tea infusers have bigger holes so be careful about your coffee grind when using the cup.

Typically, a tea ball or infuser spoon has tiny holes and requires a medium-coarse grind of coffee.

Materials: a tea infuser ball or spoon, water, an empty cup, a timer, a measuring cup, and medium-coarse ground coffee


  • Bring about two cups of water to a boil and rest it for 30-45 seconds to achieve the optimum temperature for Bring brewing about coffee two cups of water to a boil and rest it for 30-45 seconds
  • Rinse the cup and the tea infuser ball/spoon with hot water.
  • Place three tablespoons of coffee grounds into the tea infuser.
  • For best results, add tea leaves or coffee grounds to the infuser ball or spoon and arrange so that the handle sticks out over the edge of your cup.
  • Make 8oz of liquid by adding water, heat for 4 minutes. Once it’s done, stir the stem to “interact” with the coffee grounds.
  • Using the handle, remove the infuser ball from your cup and discard used grounds. Drink up!

Making Coffe With Tea Infuser Bottle

A common type of tea tumbler has a filter that fits into the lid or sits just below it and can hold loose leaves. Another container for loose leaves is on top of the lid with a handle to carry when hot. Insulated bottles also keep your drink at a high temperature.

Materials: infuser bottle, water, a measuring cup, medium-coarse ground coffee, and timer


  • Add one liter of water to a pot and bring it to almost boiling
  • Include a note for prewarming the infuser mug with hot water and emptying it.
  • Fill the filter basket with 3-6 tablespoons of coffee grounds depending on the size and amount you want to make. For a 15 or 16oz tumbler, use 5-6 tbsp of coffee grounds
  • Add hot water to the infuser and wait for it to steep
  • Place the filter basket in the bottle and screw the lid tightly
  • For best results, steep for 4 minutes and shake the infuser bottle from time to time.
  • To avoid any lingering flavor remove the infuser basket and toss the wet grounds in a trash can. Enjoy your cup!

Making Cold Brew Coffee With A Tea Infuser

A tea infuser basket can also be used to make cold brew coffee.

Materials: a scale, a mason jar, infuser basket, coarse ground coffee, filtered cold water, a tablespoon, and a measuring cup


  • Place the infuser basket over the jar’s mouth, so that its ear sits on top of it.
  • Add coarse ground coffee to the infuser basket at a ratio of 40 grams of grounds per half-liter of water
  • Add cold filtered water to the infuser basket by your coffee ratio. Use a spoon to prod any floating dry grounds.
  • Craft a lid for the jar to contain and extract your tea. Leave it in the fridge or on the kitchen table for up to 18-24 hours
  • Remove the infuser and discard wet grounds from the bottom of your coffee mug.

You can also make cold brew coffee using an infuser bottle although the filter baskets are limited.

  • First, add 250ml of water to the infuser and 20 grams of coffee grounds to the filter basket.
  • Place the infuser basket in the bottle and screw tightly.
  • Flip the bottle upside down and make sure it is not leaking.
  • Store the inverted bottle of tea in the fridge or pantry to keep it fresh for up to 24 hours.
  • Open the can and discard the grounds. Drink cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee is strong in caffeine and requires few grounds to make. The acidity and bitterness of hot brewed coffee do not dissolve in cold water. Some people prefer to dilute the drink with more cold water when it’s too strong for what they desire.

Pros And Cons Of Making Coffee With A Tea Infuser

  • Tea infusers help create a full-bodied, flavorful cup of coffee without trapping the oils.
  • Tea infusers are cheaper than coffee filters that are three times as expensive.
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Stainless steel tea infusers are not known to impart bad flavors into the coffee.
  • Coffee infusers are specifically designed for brewing coffee. They are large enough to accommodate more than a brewed cup of coffee at once, so you can enjoy fresh cups of joe with your family mornings.
  • These infuser bottles are a great way to make coffee without any equipment and keep the coffee hot for an extended period.
  • When making tea, infuser balls and eggs often cannot accommodate a larger amount of coffee grounds. Coffee beans absorb water as they expand so these chambers are too small to hold water effectively.
  • Fine ground coffee can easily seep through the mesh into the water-filled infuser.
  • Tea infusers are designed for loose-leaf tea, which means the water passes through very quickly. That’s why some tea infusers have larger holes and require you to get creative with a paper filter or some other type of filtration if you want to use them for coffee.
  • Some tea infuser balls and spoons may not have a tight latched lid, which allows the coffee to be tainted with some of its contents. This can result in an inferior flavor as well as other environmental problems.

Some Other Related Questions

Can I use a tea strainer to make coffee?

The timer starts running, after 2-5 minutes, pour through a fine tea strainer into cups or thaw. You can use them for other things than brewing coffee!

Can you make coffee like tea?

Yes, you can quickly steep your coffee just like a tea using either coffee steeping bags or a tea infuser. The main benefit of making steeped coffee is that it is richer in terms of its flavor and aroma in comparison to the top of your regular drip coffee.

Can you use ground coffee as an instant?

To make coffee using instant coffee you just need to add water and stir. What you should do instead is put ground coffee into a cup, cover it with hot water and wait for it to brew. Then pour the brew into another cup with a filter over it to easily extract the gritty bits left behind from the brewing process.


There are parallels to be drawn between tea infusers and some coffee brewing methods such as the French press and pour-over. You can make your morning brew in a tea infuser, but the process may vary depending on what kind of infuser you’re using. Check up how big or small the holes are on an infuser before choosing which grind

Previously used for tea, a tea infuser is an inexpensive way to brew coffee that often produces a better-tasting cup.

A tea infuser basket can contain enough coffee grounds for several cups of coffee. Consequently, this method is ideal when making cold brew iced coffee with a tea infuser as it accommodates more ground coffee than the tiny tea balls and spoons.

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