Can You Use A Tea Infuser For Coffee? – 3 Helpful Ways

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Coffee drinkers have a favorite brewing method, but tea drinkers typically use a tea infuser. But can you use a tea infuser for coffee? Yes! It may sound weird at first, but it’s easy to do. In this blog post, we will show you how to brew coffee using an infuser and share some of the benefits of doing so.

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The Tea Infuser – What Is It?

Tea infusers are devices that allow loose, dried tea leaves to steep or brew in hot water; they are sometimes called tea balls or tea makers and a tea egg. Early in the 19th century, the tea infuser gained popularity. Tea infusers allow tea fannings and broken leaf teas to be steeped quickly. 

Infusers function similarly to teabags, which were invented much later in America. There are many infusers, ranging from small mesh jars to small metal spoons, which hold single or many servings of tea leaves to steep simultaneously. Infusers are commonly spherical, conical, and cylindrical. For example, an infuser comprises a split sphere with handles that resemble tongs.

Infusers are used in a cup or pot of boiling water, allowing loose tea leaves not to escape into the water. Infusers are commonly attached to pots or cups with a rod or chain to make retrieval from them more straightforward. Tea filters are necessary to remove large holes in the remaining leaves from infusers.

Sinking results from an infuser that produces more gravity than the buoyancy of the floating materials it carries. Because the weight of the fluid above increases with depth, the pressure will also increase. So, in a tall container full of fluid, the pressure at the bottom is greater than the pressure at the top.

There are six common types of infusers:

  • Tea Infuser Basket: A device typically has ears to let out hot water while steeping tea leaves.
  • Tea ball infuser: Made of mesh with tiny holes, tea balls allow for larger loose leaves to be brewed at a time. They come in different shapes and sizes, including ball-like or cylindrical. Easily used with a chain handle and clip attachment to the pot containing water, they make retrieving your infused brew easy after steeping is complete.
  • Teabag infusers: Clover tea bags are paper-like mesh pouches that hold leaves in the corners and are open on two sides for easy filling. Use a pot of boiling water to steep the teas until they’ve reached your desired strength, then remove with tongs or by pinching them between your fingers.
  • Tea infuser: A mesh ball attached to a long spoon with a handle
  • Tea infuser egg: there are many variants, but most of them have a chain on the infuser’s stem that can be used to remove it from the container. They usually float and take up over half of the space in which they’re submerged.
  • Tea infuser tumblers: A hot tea infuser tumbler: Infusion bottles have a mesh basket that will comfortably fit in the bottle. Some insulated or even double-walled lids to retain heat and protect your hands from burning

Can You Use A Tea Infuser For Coffee

Tea infusers can be used to make coffee as well. There are many tea infusers you can use to make coffee at home. Tea balls, tea bags, and teapots can all be used to brew coffee, for instance.

The teapot is great for serving coffee, and you can show your friends off. You will need an expensive teapot to showcase this technique properly.

How To Make Coffee With A Tea Infuser?

A tea infuser can be used in three different ways:


You can make pour-over coffee at home without using a coffee maker using this straightforward method.

Mason jars or glass jars are ideal for this method because it ensures that the coffee beans are extracted to their fullest extent.

Another advantage of using the long tea infuser and glass jar together is that the coffee beans will be submerged entirely in the water.

Your coarsely or medium-ground coffee beans will be better able to extract their flavor, taste, and aroma.


Chefman Electric Kettle comes with a removable tea infuser, good quality, and reliable electric kettle.

The water temperature can be adjusted using five different in-built temperature settings for this stainless steel electric kettle BPA-free.

The kettle is perfect for brewing French press coffee or tea.

It is possible to adjust the water temperature using five different temperature settings between 175 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit


You can get a tea strainer for very little money, and it is an excellent alternative to buying expensive equipment for making coffee at home.

Tea filters make it easy and faster to make a hot cup of coffee.

What Is The Difference Between Making Coffee With A Tea Infuser And Other Brewing Methods?

You’ll get a more natural coffee taste by grounding your coffee coarsely. You can make coffee from your teapot using the tea strainer to make a full-bodied cup of coffee similar to a freshly brewed French press cup.

It seems that tea infuser coffee is a little closer to French press coffee in terms of the flavour profile. French press coffee is made by steeping ground coffee into the water similarly to French press coffee, so it has the same full-bodied taste.

In my opinion, you will get a more flavorful cup of coffee from a tea infuser than from a pour-over. Pour-over coffee usually has a paper filter, which removes most oils.

Pros And Cons Of Making Coffee With A Tea Infuser

  • A tea infuser helps create a flavorful cup of coffee without trapping oils.
  • A tea infuser costs less than a coffee filter that costs three times as much.
  • It is easy to use and clean.
  • There is no known problem with stainless steel infusers imparted coffee flavours.
  • This type of infuser is specially designed for making coffee. You can enjoy fresh cups of coffee with your family on mornings when they are large enough to accommodate more than one brewed cup at a time.
  • Infuser bottles allow you to make coffee without equipment and keep coffee hot for a long time.
  • Infuser balls and eggs often do not accommodate more significant coffee grounds when making tea. This chamber is too small to hold water effectively because coffee beans absorb water as they expand.
  • Coffee grounds can easily pass through the mesh into the water-filled infuser.
  • The water passes through tea infusers very quickly since they are designed for loose-leaf tea. For this reason, some tea infusers have larger holes, and you’ll need to use a paper filter or some other type of filtration if you want to use them for coffee.
  • Some tea infuser balls and spoons without a tight-latching lid can taint the coffee with some of its contents. In addition to tainting the coffee, these products can also damage the environment.


After the timer has started running, pour the tea through a fine tea strainer into cups or thaw. These aren’t just for brewing coffee!


You can steep your coffee just like tea using either coffee steeping bags or tea infusers. Steeped Coffee is a great way to make coffee with more flavour and aroma than your regular drip coffee.


Just add water and stir to make coffee using instant coffee. The right way to prepare coffee is to put the ground beans into a cup, cover it with hot water, and wait for it to brew. To get rid of the grit from the brewing process, pour the brew into another cup and filter it with a paper towel.


Some tea infusers can be compared with French presses and pour-overs, popular coffee brewing methods. You can brew your morning brew using a tea infuser, but the process will vary depending on the type of infuser you use. Before choosing which grind to use, check how large or small the infuser’s holes are

Infusers are inexpensive ways to brew coffee to produce a better-tasting cup than using a teabag.

Several cups of coffee can be made from a tea infuser basket. Due to its larger capacity, this method is ideal when making cold brew iced coffee using a tea infuser because it holds more ground coffee than tea balls and spoons.

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