How to Sharpen Coffee Grinder For Blade And Burr: 3 Most Effective Ways

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If you are a coffee lover, you must have visited the coffee shop every single day. This will definitely cost you a large amount of money over time. Therefore, nowadays, more and more people are prone to brew coffee at home to have the freshest cup of joe with the lowest price.

To create perfect homemade coffee, essential equipment besides a good coffee maker is a coffee grinder. No matter it is a blade grinder or a burr grinder, it needs to be sharp to result in even fine coffee ground.

However, the blades and burrs will become blunt over time, or if you misuse them. The easiest noticeable identification when the blades or burrs are dull is the uneven and lumpy finished ground coffee.

The question is, do you need to bring your coffee grinder to the warranty center or throw it away and buy a new one? It’s actually much easier and cheaper to have the blades and burrs sharp as initial. We will show you some common coffee grinder hacks in this article right below.

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2 ways to sharpen coffee grinder blades

1. Grind raw rice

Grinding uncooked rice is known as a cleaning method for your grade coffee mill. In fact, doing this will also help sharpen your blades. The steps are effortless. You will need about ¼ cup of dry and raw rice to fill the hopper. After that, grind it as you do with coffee beans. The rice powder can be distracted or used per your preference.

When all the grounds are removed from the grinder, use a damp cloth and a dry cloth to wipe the blades, respectively. With this simple trick, your blades will be relatively sharp to grind those fresh coffee beans.

2. Manual sharpening

Another way you can opt for to sharpen your blades is by manually sharpening them. This method is literally more efficient, but at the same time requires a little more technique.

You will have to disassemble the coffee grinder to take the blades out. The next step is sharpening them in the same manner when sharpening a knife. All you need to prepare is a sharpening stone.

Rub every single edge of the blades to the sharpening stone until your expectation. The heat and abrasion during the rubbing process will help sharpen the blades very well. Nevertheless, when doing this way is you can easily get injured, so better prepare yourself a pair of gloves.

How to sharpen coffee grinder burrs?

Unlike blades, the burrs have a more complicated structure. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to remove them out of the machine for manual sharpening.

Unfortunately, when your burrs seem to start getting dull, you need to replace them. There are some brands that have a replacement burr that goes along with the machine when buying. If not, you need to find one to buy.

However, the burrs can generally last for long-term compared to a blade grinder, of course, if you use and clean it properly. Our advice for you is you should only use the coffee grinder to grind the coffee, not other spices. It will help a lot in keeping the blades, or burrs sharp as the initial state. Don’t forget that proper usage and maintenance are helpful, too.

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