What Is A Frappuccino? – A Delicious Coffee With No Caffeine

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A Frappuccino is an iced coffee drink that blends espresso, milk, ice cream, and whipped cream. It was first introduced in 1995 by Starbucks Coffee as a summer drink and has evolved into one of the most popular drinks on their menu. There are many flavors available for this frozen concoction, from caramel to mocha. If you’re looking for a type of coffee without caffeine, then this article will help inform you about what is a frappuccino, everything there is to know “Frap”.

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What is A Frappuccino?

A Frappuccino is a blended beverage made from coffee, cream or milk, and ice. That’s right! You love to someone who might not have heard of it before from the drink. Most, if not all, tend to be a bit more gussied up than that. Typically, it will come with extra ingredients like whipped cream, flavored syrups, extracts, sugar, drizzles, sauces, and maybe sprinkles. For example, a mocha Frappuccino adds chocolate syrup. A Cinnamon Bun Frappuccino adds cinnamon coffee syrup and–well, you get the idea for the rest. More on that later.

Frappuccinos are a blended beverage topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. But those things aren’t what makes the drink. Think of pizza, which is a good analogy for this sentence: we eat pizza toppings for the most part, but it is not just the toppings that make it what it is- some people drink Frappuccinos they want extras on top.

How to pronounce ‘Frappuccino.’

Want to learn how the word Frappuccino sounds? Let’s start from the beginning, as in the actual pronunciation of the word. Looking at it, I always imagined it being like a frozen cappuccino. But, as I found out, Fro-puccino isn’t exactly right.

It is Frap – uhh – CHEE-no.. It may not seem that bad, but calling coffee ‘Frap-o-cino’ is a very archaic and outdated expression that can be quite upsetting for those who are more demure. Coffee lovers could update their language!

And that is a fun fact: Although it might be a little difficult for some people to pronounce. But if you refer to Webster’s dictionary or even dictionary.com, Frappuccino is not listed either!

Where did the Frappuccino originate?

Coffee Connection, a small coffee shop in Massachusetts, made the first labeled Frappuccino (small ‘f’!) in the early 1990s. The drink was originally meant to be a coffee-flavored milkshake, and only later did it become known as an iced cappuccino run through with condensed milk.

In 1994, Starbucks saw Coffee Connection’s ingenuity and bought the coffee shop, as well as the rights to its signature beverage. Nowadays, Frappuccino specifically refers to a blended coffee product from Starbucks Corporation. Caramel Frappuccino is one of their popular choices served at their locations.

What is the difference between a frappuccino and a frappe?

What does Frappé mean?

The word “Frappé” in French means “iced,” and it originated in the mid 19th century. Though we now associate the word with a cold coffee drink, it was traditionally used to describe any partly frozen drink (such as a fruit juice), or liqueur served over shaved ice. The origin of “Frappé” is attributed to the Greeks!

While the Frappe and the Frappuccino may seem like they are both simply coffee mixed with ice cream, there are some key differences. The standard Frappe consists of just instant coffee and water, while the ubiquitous American dessert contains milk, vanilla ice cream, and hot coffee as its basis.

Here is a list of differences you may be interested to know about.

1. The different types of coffee served in cafes and the brewing methods they use. – When making a Frappe, it is customary to use instant coffee. However, when making a Frappuccino, you will be using brewed coffee instead.

2. The original Frappe was created in Greece. – Frappuccinos are a type of coffee-based cold beverage popular in Europe and especially Greece. They were first introduced to Americans during the 2004 Olympic games, with commercials on local TV and billboards around Athens.

3. Frappuccino is a patented drink – Frappuccino is a drink exclusively made by Starbucks. You’ll only find it at their stores, so you cannot purchase it in your local coffee shop.

4. Most frappes contain caffeine – A Frappuccino is a type of coffee that contains espresso and whipped cream. This is not always the case with Frappuccinos. Some of these drink recipes may or may not contain coffee; each ingredient differs depending on the recipe.

5. Frappuccino’s are high-calorie drinks – Frappuccino is typically made with sugar, whipped cream that is sweetened and flavored, a variety of syrups. The ingredients typically result in a high-calorie drink.

6. Frappuccino’s are Set in Stone – You can buy Frappuccinos globally, including variations at Starbucks, but only from the menu and only if they’re being made in the location. The drink is available to people of all ages and varies depending on location.

7. Frappuccino can be purchased in a bottle – Frappuccinos are ready-made iced coffee drinks, sold through other outlets such as Starbucks or, sometimes, ready-made in bottles.

Frappuccino Ingredients

Chai Creme Frappuccino
Chai Creme Frappuccino

Simple Frappuccino

What you’ll need for this recipe is:

  • Crushed ice – 1-1.5 cup
  • Double shot of espresso (or a strong coffee)
  • Milk – ¾ cup
  • Sugar to taste
  • Whipped cream (optional)

To make a frappuccino, place all the ingredients except for whipped cream into a blender. Blend until smooth and pour it into your favorite cup. Top with whipped cream while serving and garnish with chocolate syrup before or after drinking it.

Caramel Frappuccino Copycat


  • Crushed ice – 1-1.5 cup
  • Double shot of espresso or strong cup of coffee (cooled)
  • Milk – ¾ cup
  • Sugar to taste
  • ⅓ cup caramel sauce
  • Caramel syrup
  • Whipped cream (optional)

Start by placing all ingredients (except the caramel syrup and whipped cream) in a blender, blending for 30-45 seconds until the drink is smooth. Next, pour into two or more cups with about 1/2 cup of whipped cream placed on each top before adding two pumps of caramel syrup to create a beautiful concoction!

How to make your Frappuccino recipe at home

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 2 servings


  • 2 cups crushed ice
  • 1 cup espresso or very strong coffee
  • 3/4 cup half and a half or your preferred milk, soy, or almond
  • 2 tablespoons granulated sugar or sugar substitute
  • whipped cream optional
  • chocolate syrup optional


For a frappuccino, whisk ingredients together. Freeze in shallow containers or an ice cube tray (I used this ice cube tray). Once frozen, pop the blocks out. Thaw until just soft enough for your blender to be able to handle it. Blend until desired slushiness is reached. Add extra sweetener if needed, and do not add ice because it would dilute the flavor. Feel free to add cocoa, cinnamon, berries, chai tea mix-ins like bananas far below.

Frappuccino FAQs

Is a Frappuccino Hot or cold?

Frappuccinos are always served cold. As an essential ingredient, ice is almost as important to this dairy-based beverage as milk and espresso beans used in the recipe. Frappuccinos are cold because they always include ice blended with coffee and whipped cream or whole milk.

How many Calories in Starbucks Frappuccino?

Get ready for summer with a few of these Frappuccino favorites 150 calories or less. Cool down with a few of these frappuccinos. They’re all under 200 calories, too! If you know the calorie count before your drink, you’ll be in control and won’t overdo it:

Mocha Light Frappuccino: Starbucks coffee with rich mocha sauce blended with milk and ice cream. 110 calories.

Espresso Frappuccino: The standard serving of coffee is blended with espresso, ice, and milk to create a Frappuccino. 150 calories.

Caramel Light Frappuccino: A Starbucks favorite is buttered caramel syrup mixed with coffee and nonfat milk to create a thick, creamy drink that tastes sensational when blended with ice. 100 calories.

Java Chip Light Frappuccino: Sugar-free mocha sauce and Starbucks coffee blended with nonfat milk and ice is a delicious recipe for variety in taste and ingredients!. 150 calories. 

Chai Crème Frappuccino: A Frappuccino is a blend of spicy chai, nonfat milk, and ice cream that provides a creamy caffeine pick-me-up in the afternoon.. 140 calories.

Does Frappuccino have coffee in it?

There are several different types of coffee-based frappuccinos. Some examples include the Coffee Frappuccino, Espresso Frappuccino, Caramel, Mocha, White Mocha, and Java Chip Frappuccinos.

The Creame Frappuccinos don’t contain coffee, but they do come in different flavors. Vanilla Bean, Green Tea, Strawberries and Cream, and the Double Chocolatey Chip.

How much caffeine is in a frappuccino?

Caffeine content varies from the type of Frappuccino and how it’s made. Not only does each different type of Frappuccino have significantly different nutrition information than the other, but each barista is going to make one slightly different than another barista does; that’s how humans work. For instance, one barista might squirt just a little more of the thickening base, while another might add more of the Frappuccino Roast.

One thing to note about sweet drinks is that they contain less caffeine than coffee. For example, a Tall Caramel Frappuccino, which has 16 oz of beverage, has 65 milligrams of caffeine while 8 oz of black coffee contains 95 milligrams.

What is the difference between Latte and Frappuccino?

A latte is made from espresso and milk or cooled espresso and chilled milk in an iced latte. A Frappuccino is always a cold beverage, served at Starbucks by adding any syrup to the drink of your choice. Modern Frappuccinos don’t contain espresso (though it can be added). On the other hand, a latte must always have an espresso, while this does not apply to Iced lattes.


After this article, I’m sure you know the basics and what a Frappuccino entails. It is an icy treat that varies in flavor from store to store, but not so different as they are one of those “basic” drinks everyone knows!. While originally made using coffee, several Starbucks Frappuccinos do not contain coffee. The company’s trademark, the Frappuccino, has generated billions in revenue for Starbucks since its popularity began over twenty-five years ago.

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