Jura J6 vs Z6: Choosing The Machine With Better Coffee Brewing And More Stable Temperature

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It’s time to find out the true winner between Jura J6 vs Z6. These espresso makers have been sparking tons of debates, and people are wondering if they are good at-home machines. My answer is: Jura Z6 is the better option.

Jura Z6 has a very stable operation and smooth espresso extraction. The coffee flavor is smooth and nuanced, while the texture gives a good mouthfeel. The grinder works great with minimal noise as well. I recommend this machine for home use to any group of 2-3 users.

The runner-up Jura J6 also makes great coffee with aromatic and robust flavor. The milk system is fairly stable as well. But the coffee and milk temperature aren’t the best. And, the machine takes a bit of time to switch from coffee to milk.

Jura J6 vs Z6: Comparison Chart

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Jura J6 vs Z6: Differences

Jura Z6 wins 3 to 1 against Jura J6. The former brews espresso with consistently excellent flavor, and the warm-hot milk temperature is what has caught my attention. Its 81 oz water tank makes this model perfect for shared apartments and families as well.

Coffee Flavor: Jura Z6


The Aroma G3 grinder with 6 levels of texture runs in almost if not every Jura product. The same goes for these models. So far, my experience with the grinders have been pleasant. I haven’t gone through jams or anything similar.

But, I would like to give you some tips if you decide to go with one of these machines. Jura Z6 brews mellow, slightly sweet, and very smooth espresso, making it ideal for coffee lovers who can’t consume strong coffee. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a robust and strong coffee from it. I suggest setting the grinder at level 4 or 5 to achieve a stronger cup.

Jura Z6 brews mellow, slightly sweet, and very smooth espresso
Jura Z6 brews mellow, slightly sweet, and very smooth espresso

With Jura J6, the coffee flavor already belongs to the stronger side. Thus, setting the grinder too high will result in too fine coffee ground, which will give you bitter cups of coffee that taste burnt. I suggest you set the grinder at medium level, which is 3, with Jura J6.

+Dosing + tamping

The dosing and tamping are 100% automatic, which means you only have to press a button, and the machine will brew from beans to cup. The dose varies from 5 to 16 grams with both devices, and you adjust it by choosing different levels of coffee strength.

I have tried setting booth machines’ doses at max level. While with Jura Z6 I experience a truly robust flavor, Jura J6 seems to brew more bitter coffee. Thus setting the dose at medium is advisable on Jura J6.

+Heating system

Both machines use the same 1 Thermoblock system, which kind of giveaway that temperature control is not their forte. But, I clearly notice that Jura Z6 is more stable.

The coffee temperature of both models is not the hottest, and it runs around the 180-185F range. But, Jura Z6 can deliver higher milk temperature, ensuring that the final milk-based drink isn’t too cool. Jura J6, on the other hand, gives a warm final cup, not hot enough to drink with patience.

Utilities: Tie

With Jura Z6 and J6, you can make both classic drinks like espresso or ristretto, or you can brew milk-based recipes like flat whites, macchiatos, lattes. Flavor-wise, both machines do a phenomenal job with their espressos. In terms of milk-based beverages, Jura Z6 makes slightly better coffee with its creamy milk foam.

Milk system: Jura Z6

The first thing that I notice is that both machines aren’t experts in making microfoam. So dry and airy milk foam is not common in these models. However, if you love latte and flat white, Jura Z6 and J6 will be perfect. They froth creamy, thick, and full-bodied foam, which gives latte and flat white a perfectly velvety texture. Jura Z6 wins, however, thanks to its high milk temperature.

Jura J6 has various classic milk-based beverages like latte, flat white, and cappuccino
Jura J6 has various classic milk-based beverages like latte, flat white, and cappuccino

Cleaning & Maintain: Tie

The cleaning and maintenance of coffee machines usually are very similar. No matter how automatic they are, there will always be handiwork involved. What impresses me is that Jura Z6 and J6 have an auto-purge feature. It cleanses the dispenser whenever the machine turns on or shuts off to ensure that the next brewing delivers the cleanest and most authentic coffee flavor.

As for other parts of the machines, you can use cleaning lotion to cleanse the milk system and cleaning tablets for the entire brew group.

Jura J6 vs Z6: Similarities

Jura Z6 and J6 share some similarities. Let’s explore the 2 basic ones with us below.

Compatible with pre-ground coffee

This feature is not new, and most super-automatic espresso machines have this. You can find the pre-ground slot on top of the machines. Most of the time, it is located inside or next to the bypass doser. You can use any type of coffee ground to your liking. This slot also is where you can put the cleaning tablet to clean the machine thoroughly.

Jura Z6 can brew pre-ground coffees
Jura Z6 can brew pre-ground coffees

Controllable through app

This feature doesn’t come with Z6 and J6 directly. We have to buy a Bluetooth device designed for Jura machines. But, simply with this device, you can start up the machine early while you are in bed in the morning or when you are brushing your teeth and preparing for school/ work.

This will ensure that the models have a lot of time to prep the brewing process and hot coffee temperature.

Quick Rundown Of Jura Z6

Jura 15093 Automatic Coffee Machine Z6, Aluminum
28 Reviews
Jura 15093 Automatic Coffee Machine Z6, Aluminum
  • The pulse extraction process (P.E.P.) allows the whole bouquet of aromas to Blossom. Result: possibly the best Espresso of all time - at the touch of a button
  • The innovative nozzle technology prepares fine, compact and very tempting milk foam. The machine switches from milk to milk foam fully automatically
  • The Z6 packs incredible performance into compact Dimensions. All the control elements are conveniently accessible on the front
  • Maintenance is just as easy as preparing a Coffee: one touch of a button is all that's needed
  • Only Original Jura maintenance products Guarantee complete hygiene and protection. Only our protective formulas have been carefully optimized to suit the programmed and materials used in Jura automatic machines.

Last update on 2023-03-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Smooth and mellow coffee flavor, ideal for users who love coffees but can’t handle strong shots
  • Consistent grinder operation
  • Minimum noise during the grinding and brewing process
  • Creamy milk foam for lattes and cappuccinos
  • Good milk temperature
  • Not very high coffee temperature

Quick Rundown Of Jura J6

Jura 15150 J6 Coffee Machine, Brilliant Silver
  • Fine foam technology. Frequency is 60 hz
  • Tft display and the rotary selection
  • Jura Coffee app compatible
  • Optional cool control milk Cooler (Extra cost)
  • CLEARYL smart I.W.S. Filter cartridge

Last update on 2023-03-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Quick and efficient temperature controls
  • Silent and vibration-free burr grinder
  • TFT color display makes programmability user-friendly
  • Water filter, auto shut-off, and cleaning modes included
  • Dishwasher-safe parts for quick rinsing
  • Hot water dispenser is included
  • The water tank is covered, not easy to see water level
  • Milk temperature is not very hot

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